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Double Ferule Type Tube Fitting

Mechanical fittings with two ferrules.
Just via a clamping nut, the back ferrule conducts the maintenance of the pipe and the front ferrule conducts the sealing of the fluid.
The wetted portions are all made up of the same materials, meaning various fluids over a wide temperature range can be firmly sealed.
*Stainless products are Rohs compliant

Dimensions Table:Inch SeriesMetric series Schedule Pipe Series
Plastic Tube Fitting Series
Plastic Tube Fitting Series

This fitting is developed for plastic tube connecting. It has only 2 items components, the main body and the nut. Nut tightening complete by just full turning the nut. Whoever will do, connection with plastic tube can be achieved "Easily and Securely".

PDF ep-fit
Dimensions Table:
Inch Series
Metric series

Fitting developed for soft vinyl chloride hoses. The composition retains the hose inserted into the insert in place with a sleeve through the nut, and compared to other hoses, has enhanced reliability against water leakage and hose dislocation.

PDF E1-Touch  

Won the Good Design Award of 2003.
Mechanical fitting for pipe size and design to minimize resistance of watercourse is given.

PDF e-fit  
Automatic Weld FittingGo to detail page.
Automatic Weld Fitting

Fitting for automatic welding machines used for high-purity gas systems such as semiconductors, liquid crystal manufacturing systems and so on.
Manufactured from clean stainless steel with quality governing and packaged in vacuum double packaging in a clean room.
*RoHS compliant

Metal Gasket Seal FittingGo to detail page.
Metal Gasket Seal Fitting

Fitting with a metal gasket surface seal system used for high-purity gas systems just like AWF, and conducting leak-free connections from vacuum to high pressure.
Welding parts are manufactured from clean stainless steel with quality governing and packaged in vacuum double packaging in a clean room.
*RoHS compliant

O-ring seal

A new product replacing the VTF (VCR) fitting, which has been used for 20 years for high-purity gas for semiconductors. It has solved conventional problems such as twisting in piping construction and particles in thread fastening, by applying the clamping method.
*RoHS compliant

Quick Joint
Quick Joint

A stainless-steel one-touch connecting joint enabling quick and easy connection/detachment of fluid pipes for air, water, gas and so on.
Connects such as BI-LOK®, EP-Fit and so on are available, as well as thread connection.

Bite Type Tube FittingGo to detail page.
Bite Type Tube Fitting

Fitting for medium high pressure piping for general hydraulic pressure.
Corresponding to the scheduled pipe.

PDF PamphletDimension
CECopper pipe Series
ISO Soft Seal Fitting
ISO Soft Seal Fitting

Soft seal fittings correspond to ISO standards and are applied widely to the machine tool market. As tightening can be completed by fully turning the nut, easy and secure piping work with less valiability is realized.

PDF ISO Soft Seal Fitting  
Threaded Fitting and Socket Weld FittingGo to detail page.
Threaded Fitting and Socket Weld Fitting

Fitting for high pressure piping up to intermediate caliber for general hydraulic pressure.
Requires no thread cutting, welding, flaring processing, brazing and so on and corresponding to pipe bending processing.

PDF Fittings for High Pressure Application  
Swivel Joint
Swivel Joint

Swivel joint for general hydraulic pressure.
Effective as a measure against twisting of hydraulic pressure hose and for increased durability.

PDF Swivel Joint
Low torque type(SJC,SJK)
Hose Adapter
Hose Adapter

For high pressure hoses, the hose adapter plays a key role. Products matching user needs, including NNT series with smooth flow, are available.


Branch piping can be made without the fittings. Advantages of the Bunki-kun are free from the leakage, less welding, and less flow resistance. Besides, direction dicision and the shape except straght is are available.

PDF Bunki-kun  
Detachable fitting for High temperature
Detachable fitting for High temperature

Dacchaku-kun is multiple detchable and high temp stainless steel fitting to be applied for Mold cooling piping. This is suitable for frequent detachments under high temperature heat cycle.
*RoHS compliant

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