Digital flow sensor

A single unit offers three functions: Flow Switch, Flow Sight, and Flow Meter.


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  • This sensor has a seven-segment LED digital display to make you read flow rate value easily.
  • You can select one of two different kinds of output types: PNP output or NPN output.
  • This sensor is used with a connector (M12×4-pin).
  • You can use the digital flow sensor with an input power supply of from 12 to 24 V DC (permissible voltage fluctuation ±10 %).
  • The amplifier protection structure conforms to IP67 equivalent.
  • You can set the lower limit of the flow rate. If the flow rate falls below this limit, the red LED lamp (NG) turns on, and contact signal output is given to notify the operator of the critical situation.
  • In the case of low pressure specifications, you can check the flow of fluid by observing the rotor rotation.
  • You can use the sensor at the desired installation position (horizontal, vertical, or tilted position) and in the desired inflow direction.
  • Rotor can be cleaned by air removing the cap from the front of the main body.

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