Glycerin pressure gauge ø60,ø75,ø100 "OPG"

Easily set the pressure range and value!

We issue various certificates for pressure gauges (traceability diagram, conformance certificate, inspection results, configuration certificate). For details, please contact us.



  • Movement of the pointer due to mechanical vibration is absorbed by the viscous drag of the glycerin liquid in the hermetically-sealed pressure gauge. Movement of the Bourdon tube is also absorbed, thereby absorbing the pulsating pressure of the fluid.
  • Glycerin liquid serves as lubricating oil for the friction part of the bearing and gear in the pressure gauge, thereby ensuring durability of the internal mechanism.
  • Safety measures are provided to ensure that the front glass is not thrown away and hydraulic oil is purged out of the safety valve, if the Bourdon tube be broken.
  • Since the green safety mark is attached to the circumference of the case, pressure range setting can be set easily (only for 60 mm-diameter type).
  • Select a pressure gauge whose top pressure reading is more than double the applicable pressure range.

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